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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Marione Ashley's 4th Anniversary Celebration

I could say I had the best day of my life last Sunday. It was really a fun-filled day. I was so happy I could spend a day with my readers like that. I'm so proud I have them, not just as readers but as friends as well. I could really feel the love, care and support coming from them.

So let's have a flashback...

October 26, 2014: the day of our mini-gathering. It was a celebration of some sort about my fourth anniversary as Marione Ashley. It was my first time celebrating my anniversary and it was also my first time having a solo mini booksigning (or Meet and Greet event). So I was quite nervous. Yes, I'm nervous. I kept on thinking, "What if nobody came?" I was that negative and paranoid. Sorry :P

On the day of the event, I was nervous, excited and jumpy all at the same time. But once I was at the store, my nervousness faded because of them, my readers or I fondly called Marionettes.

They were there, waiting for me and they greeted me so warmly I thought my heart would burst with so much feels. I said to myself, "Why the heck am I getting nervous for?"

I first started with a game. I almost forgot what game I decided the night before. I thought I forgot the materials needed for the mini-games. I'm really glad they participated on the mini-games I prepared. Seeing them happy, smiling and laughing with one another made me happy as well. I'm glad that even though it was their first time meeting one another (to some of them), they were able to be friends with one another.

I only made three games: Snowball Fight, Hidden Title, and I-Feel Mo `Yan. The games were simple and so were the rules.

In Snowball Fight, I asked for four pairs. Each pair was given five blank sheets. In each sheet, they would write five pocketbook titles released this year. Then they would crumple the paper and would toss it to the other pair. When they had the papers, they would guess the author of the said title. The pair who had the most number of right answers was declared the winner.

In Hidden Title, I had cut-outs words placed on the table. I asked for two pairs here. Then, I would read a catchline from a novel. They would guess the title of the book in which the catchline was from and would find the words from the cut-out words on the table. The first pair to gain three points was the winner.

Lastly, The I-Feel Mo `Yan Game. In here, I wrote lines from the novel KRY Trilogy III: Jerome (It Has to be You). A line coming from Jerome and Cher where they reconcile of some sort. In here, I asked for three pairs. They would read the lines with feelings. It depends on how they read the lines, whether they were angry, happy or in love. The pair who gained louder applause coming from the audience was the winner.

The prizes were chocolates and the next heroine on my next brewing series.

After the games, the mini-booksigning was next.

It was fun talking to them as I signed their books.

When I'm attending a booksigning event, I see to it that I have something to give to my readers. It was a token of gratitude for their constant support. 39php was a hard-earned money, after all. Each booksignings I attended, I have something for them. Like bookmarks, button pins or bag tags.

This time, since it was my anniversary (and it was my first time celebrating it for four years), I decided to give my all to them. Naks. Ahahaha I gave more than one souvenir. I gave them a tumbler and a bag of giveaway (button pin, keychain, and stickers). And to those who confirmed they were coming before October 20, I gave them a personalized Marionette ID. I hope they liked it :)

After the signing, we ate dinner at the food court and talked about certain things. It was really a simple yet fun-filled day and night. I enjoyed every second I spent with them. There were no dull moments.

I hope they had fun as well. And I hope they would continue to support me and my works. And I hope next year, we could do this again.

To my Marionettes: Thank you for making my day special. Thank you for the time and effort. I love you all!

Here are some of the pictures of the event. Others are posted on my FB account.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


This started when I received a message from a reader asking if there would be a gathering for my readers. Since there would be no harm done with this, I said to myself, "Why not?" I really, really wanted to meet my readers and the friends I only have gotten the chance to talk to online.

So I posted a question on my Facebook group and there were who said yes, they wanted to do a meet-up.

With the help of my friend (who sometimes would open my account and post things on my behalf), we organized this mini-gathering. It was also a celebration of some sort for my anniversary.

I decided to do the mini-gathering on October 26, to avoid conflict with the other writers who were also having their own booksigning at SM North.

Also! Aside from the post-anniversary celebration, I'll be having a mini-booksigning of some sort. No, I don't have a new book. It was regarding the release of Ares and Coffee's book (His Beautiful Surrender) since I wasn't able to do the mini-booksigning when it was released last September. I won't mention the reasons why. Ahehe.

Honestly, I'm excited for this. I prepared freebies and giveaways for those who would attend and to those who would have their books signed. Hopefully, they would like what I have prepared for them.

The upcoming mini-gathering would sorta be like a Marione Gives Back Day. Because I won't be here if it weren't for my readers who kept on supporting me and who kept on waiting for my new books.

I really hope those who were near could come and have fun with us on that day.

The poster made by PHR:

The poster I made (which I haven't posted yet). Ahehehe!

Yes, the time on the posters were not the same. It was supposedly 3pm but I don't know why they placed 2pm instead.

Still, I can't wait.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

One at a Time

"Don't just think on it. Do it."


Ideas and plots were pouring inside my head. But I don't know, whenever I was facing the laptop, I could write nothing. Words left me and all I could do was face the blank screen of the laptop.

I knew how it should go. I knew how it would run from here to there but I could not seem to do it. Huh.

I have so many plans. Things to write, mini-series to pursue, series to start. But... yes, there was that big but. But... I don't know how.

Oh well. Maybe I should just plan and plan and plan. And along planning, I should start writing as well. I said before one should not force herself to write but this time, maybe the outcome would be a lot better than before.

So first, I should finish the mini-series and my part on our Camp Speed collaboration. And yes, Enzo's as well. After that, let's see.

Okay, Abby. Do it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday-Twenty: Anime Boyfriend

I decided to do a set of Top Twenty things. Whatever Top 20 that would pop in my head. Just random rankings and what-not. I think I would do this every Tuesday. Let's call this Tuesday-Twenty.

Since I'm really into animes and mangas these past few days, I will share my Anime Boyfriends Ranking. This might change depending on how hooked I am to a certain anime. With this, you would see my preference in a guy.

So, as of now, here's my ranking:

Top 20 Anime Boyfriend

20. Akira (Sendoh Akira) from Slam Dunk

19. Nakago from Fushigi Yuugi

18. Andou (Tsubasa Andou) from Alice Academy

17. Tokiya (Tokiya Mikagami) from Flame of Recca

16. Lantis (Kail Lantis) from Magic Knights Rayearth

15. Zero (Zero Kiryu) from Vampire Knight

14. Kei (Takishima Kei) from Special A

13. Hikaru and Kaoru (Hitachiin Twins) from Ouran High School Host Club

12. Kakashi (Hatake Kakashi) from Naruto

11. Ren (Tsuruga Ren) from Skip Beat

10. Kyo (Sohma Kyo) from Fruits Basket

9. Natsu (Natsu Dragneel) from Fairy Tail

8. Ryoma (Echizen Ryoma) from Prince of Tennis

7. Takumi (Usui Takumi) from Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

6. Gray (Gray Fullbuster) from Fairy Tail

5. Tezuka (Kunimitsu Tezuka) from Prince of Tennis

4. Kyouya (Ootori Kyouya) from Ouran High School Host Club

3. Ikuto (Tsukiyomi Ikuto) from Shugo Chara

2. Len (Tsukimori Len) from La Corda D'oro

1. Naru (Shibuya Kazuya) from Ghost Hunt
---  No matter how many animes I had watched, no matter how many bishounen I had seen, nothing could beat Naru in my heart. I think I really have a soft spot when it comes to guys like him--cold, serious, snob but still treasures those people around him. I like how he treats Mai differently. Like him calling her "Mai" while he calls the rest of the gang by their surname. He cares, too, but has a unique way of showing it. You won't know it because he has a sharp tongue and all but yes, he do cares. In a way.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Good Girl Gone Bad

Every good girl needs a bad boy. And every good girl needs a bad boy that can be a good boy just for her.


I decided to open my blog once again. I deleted my previous blog posts since I wanted to start anew. It wasn't an easy decision, erasing those thoughts. Those thoughts were parts of who I am right now. Every struggle, every dark times, every good deeds, and even the happy scenes. But I needed to do it if I wanted to go back to who was I before I became... this excuse piece of shit.

I've always been the good girl before. Not really good meaning good. Just... I always go with the flow. I always said what I think. I wasn't that afraid to take risks. I challenged myself if I wanted to.

But now...

I seldom took challenges because I was too lazy. Ever since I stopped blogging, I stopped expressing myself more and more. I would keep my mouth shut instead of expressing what I really feel. It seems like I stopped being me.

The good girl became the bad girl.

I became the person I hated the most. I acted like the person I despised the most. I let go of those people I treasured the most.


I forgot to look at myself.

I hated who I became right now.

I despised myself.

But someone opened up my eyes.

I guess it wasn't too late to gather the scattered pieces of myself. Maybe, I could stop the self-hate I'm feeling right now. Maybe, I could learn to value myself again.